———— Cat staple food series ————
Nutrition, health, deliciousness, I’m right
Fupets Deepwater Tuna Cat Food
Category: Baby Cat General / Cat Cat General
Featured New Zealand deep-sea tuna fresh
meat, delicious meat, nutrient-rich
Fupets Indoor professional formula cat food
Category: Full Growth Stage Universal
Taste: salmon flavor
Specially designed for indoor cats, it aims to solve problems such as odors, body shape keeping and fur health that are faced by indoor cats
Fupets Tuna white meat cat can series
Product Categories:White meat soup 85g/white meat jelly 85g/red meat soup 170g
Taste: Tuna/Chicken/Salmon/Beef/Shrimp/Crab
Scope of application: all-stage universal
Product features: Rich in nutrients such as DHA, EPA, protein, vitamins A, D, B6, B12, fatty acids, taurine, etc.
Product efficacy: low fat, low calorie, balance cat body nutrition, improve blood circulation, reduce blood diseases, eyesight, brain protection, protect the liver and prevent aging.
Fupets Salmon Ideal Body Shape Quickball Cat Food


Depilation ball, ideal posture

Whole period general cat food

Salmon flavor

Dispel the hair ball in the body
Keep the ideal posture
Prevent diarrhea
High protein、Low-sensitivity and low-fat
Bright fur、Intestinal regulation
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Fupets Salmon Cat Food 10kg
Fupets Deep-sea tuna kitten universal
Fupets Deep sea tuna cat general type
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